First Additions to the New Tank

Well, the new tank has been cycling for about 4 weeks now and it’s starting to come along.  I did pick up a new addition that I just couldn’t resist when I saw him at the fish store.

That’s my new pintail fairy wrasse.  It’s a less common wrasse that has a yellow, purple, pink pattern and he is simply beautiful.  As you can see, there is a diatom bloom that is clearing up on the sand bed, so the tank is still cycling, but nitrates are at 0, so it’s possible to slowly add fish.

Also, you will notice that there are a few corals in this tank.  These are corals that I transplanted from the 34g solana.  The corals seem to be surviving for the most part, though it wouldn’t be unusual to lose a couple due to the move.  As you can see, some of the acro’s up top have turned brown.  That’s to be expected.  As long as they don’t die, I would expect them to come back over time.

I’ve only put the hardiest sps in this tank as those are the most sensitive corals.  The rest I’ve kept in the other tank and will plan to move them very gradually over several months.  At this point, It looks like all the montiporas are doing fine and the LPS corals on the bottom left are also doing fine.

Watching how the corals grow is a good barometer of how the tank is thriving overall.  If I see the corals doing well, I know that my water quality is good.  If I notice the corals slowing down in growth or losing their colors, I know that there is something off.  Right now, I can tell that the corals are adjusting to the new tank, so I’m not concerned about the dull colors.  Over time, I would expect to see them color back up and show growth.

One thing that helped with setting up this tank was that I was able to transfer water from my old tank into the new, to start off the cycle and also keep the parameters of the water as close as possible.  The water will never be exactly the same, but I want to make it as close as possible.  For the first week, I actually mixed about 5 gallons back and forth between the tanks each day, I’ve done this in the past when upgrading and I believe that it helps stabilize the new tank.  I think it also acclimates the livestock in the old tank a little to the new water, acting much like a water change.

So far, my new tank is sustaining the new fish and corals, so I think this is a solid method of transferring tanks.

So far, I still plan on adding a melanarus wrasse to the tank along with eventually moving the fish from my solana.

That’s it for now.  Make sure to check back for future updates to the new tank.

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