Here are some of my favorite places to go when I have a question about Reef Keeping:

Reef Central

My favorite saltwater forum!  Here is where you can really deep dive into this hobby.  You will find people here with a lifetime of experience!  It’s also a great place to find local reef clubs in your area and even some great deals on livestock and equipment in their trading forums.  They have an incredibly active community and I highly recommend checking out their forums.  As with any forum, you will get a lot of different viewpoints on every subject.  Just remember that reefkeeping is part art and part science.  Everyone’s experience is unique and what works for some, may not work for everyone.

Reef 2 Reef

Generally when I research a topic, I start at reef central and then move over to the forums at Reef 2 Reef.  Many of the same people are here, but it is a smaller community.  I find that the local forums get a lot of activity here and It’s a nice place to find out when a new local fish store opens up or just to verify some things that I read on other sites.


I don’t typically buy my livestock online, but I do like to read up on my livestock prospects in advance.  I find that liveaquaria is a great place to do some quick research on livestock.  They generally will have a good picture of a fish and some information about their requirements and habits.  It’s a good place to start your research.

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